Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Techniques in Teaching Writing by A. Raimes

Review by Kim Engbers - PC 11

This book is good for teaching ESL writing. The first chapter is a good review on how to teach ESL students to write in English. I found it useful because I have never taught writing before, much less ESL writing, and it was good to look back at this chapter mid-semester also.

The book is older but still very useful. It is a short read and a goof refresher for any teacher. The final chapter is how to edit student’s writing. I also found this useful because I found myself either wanting to totally re-write a student’s paper and therefore take away the student’s own creativity or just circle whole paragraphs and write “change this”. Either way I was not helping the student. The last chapter helped me find a structured way to respond to the students writing and give useful feedback.

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